Monday, 2 March 2015

A word of introduction...

Numerous friends I know on social media have blogs online which they regularly update and several well-known scientists and philosophers I know do the same. I have increasingly felt the need to join them and so, I intend for this blog to be my thoughts and responses to Christian arguments and thoughts for and about God. Simply posting on social media I have increasingly found to be inadequate with too little room, with the addition of various people giving me feedback that these posts are too in their face and “depressing” (This smacks to me of hitting a raw nerve due to the intrinsic truth in what I post and the extreme insecurity of their faith that can’t stand up to criticism). However, an area to criticise and exchange ideas without being too in people’s faces I feel will be helpful, without individuals having the feeling of a personal attack on their particular social media site.

I also intend to lay out the various arguments against the existence of God that I have heard over the years, that I consider to be the strongest against such a deity and that any reasonable person if heard and accepted these arguments based on the evidence, would have to reject such a deity that they believe in. I am also incredibly motivated to openly criticise and dismantle some of the more pervasive and dangerous arguments for God that I see today, with various more serious connotations if these are accepted and believed without question. Some positions I have briefly argued against or for on social media, however, a consolidation and clear gathering and lay-out of the issues on this blog I feel will be very helpful.

I find myself at an advantage due to being a born-again Christian for many years and then losing my religion and becoming an ex-Christian, as I feel I can adequately represent and lay out the arguments that both the “everyday” Christian deals going to church each Sunday and the sophisticated theological lays out in defence of the Christian faith. Having also spent years researching apologetics and the responses given by the atheistic/agnostic side, I can also adequately give a representative view on these issues, these having ultimately convinced me.

I also wrote a long essay a while back, to lay out my journey from belief to unbelief. It was suggested from the comments given on this that I needed to answer several more questions and perhaps write a second part on the arguments which I laid out. Due to the length I had written already, I intend to write more about these experiences and arguments on this blog, responding to the objections and concerns accordingly. I will always feel that no argument or belief system is immune and not open to criticism, and so where others may be able to leave religious people and arguments alone and to themselves, I cannot (this being very different from attacking somebody personally). This engagement would be exactly the same for me if large amounts of people I know believed in other misplaced and pernicious beliefs for society, such as ghosts or fairies or homoeopathy and this affected their beliefs and actions like religion and other forms of dangerous pseudo-science does.

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